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Learning about X-rays with Lula and Ethan

The concept for this book was based on my nephew’s visit to the emergency room. Both he and his parents had some questions and concerns about his visit. I realized that for many parents and children, having an X-ray performed can be a stressful experience. My hope was to share some helpful information about radiology with other children who may have the same experience. 

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Viewbox for the iPad

With over 2,000 downloads in five different continents, the Viewbox app was in the iTunes store from 2012-2017. The Viewbox app made the iPad the most efficient way to view and present medical images for teaching purposes. Its user interface technology allowed users easy mobile access to view, share, and present medical images stored on the users choice of cloud-based server (i.e. Dropbox, etc.). The app was a one stop shop for all mobile teaching file image viewing and presentation needs employing unique proprietary technology. There was no other application currently available which allows the user to access data from multiple sources within seconds and can allow that information to be viewed offline as well. 

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Learning About X-rays with Lula and Ethan, Diagnostic Imaging

April 4, 2016 --  It is our hope that any provider that treats the pediatric population has access to this resource for their patients (even radiologists in the outpatient or emergency waiting rooms). The book will be available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in the Apple iTunes Store where you can also find our iPad application for radiology trainees, Viewbox. Because the information and message in Learning about X-rays with Lula and Ethan aligns with the Image Gently Campaign, this non-profit organization has also agreed to endorse the book by placing it on their website: www.imagegently.org 

Mobile App Spotlight: Viewbox By Erik L. Ridley, AuntMinnie

June 23, 2015 -- AuntMinnie.com presents the next article in an ongoing series highlighting notable mobile apps in radiology. In this installment, we take a look at Viewbox, an iPad app designed to help users view, organize, and present teaching file images from a variety of different sources. 

More Than 80% of Radiologists Use Mobile Devices for Medical Imaging, PRNewswire

Oct. 29, 2013 -- PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A new study conducted by Viewbox Holdings, LLC showed that nearly 47 percent of physicians use mobile devices to view teaching cases, and a large number of this demographic are utilizing an Apple device. PRNewswire

Viewbox Holdings, LLC Releases Innovative Medical Imaging App on iTunes, PRWeb

February 14, 2012 -- Viewbox is an incredibly convenient tool allowing easy portability for your teaching file images in the workplace as well as the classroom. Say goodbye to the tedious days of using storage devices for your images because Viewbox just made utilizing the iPad the most efficient to view and present anonymized medical images for teaching purposes. PRweb.com

New iPad App Allows for Sharing Radiology Teaching Files, Diagnostic Imaging

February 14, 2012 -- Viewbox offers radiology trainees and other medical professionals a method to create and share image teaching files which are the bedrock of radiology learning and education. Diagnosticimaging.com

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Luther B. Adair, II, MD

Dr. Luther B Adair, II is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with subspecialty training in abdominal radiology. Dr. Adair is a strong advocate of education and technology. He is the CEO of Viewbox Holdings, LLC.

Seth J. Crapp, MD

Dr. Crapp is a board certified diagnostic radiologist with subspecialty training pediatric illnesses. Dr. Crapp promotes safety and radiation reduction in pediatric imaging to offer the best quality care to children in the community. He is the CMO of Viewbox Holdings, LLC.

Jonathan A. Johnson, MD, MBA, CWSP

Dr. Johnson is a board certified surgeon and Medical Director of Comprehensive Wound Care Center, Mid-Atlantic/Maryland

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